Monday, October 24, 2011

Manifest destiny (or "Dare to Dream")

This post was inspired by my daughter's bestie's mom. After thirteen years of living in NYC as a single mom, working exceptionally hard to raise her two daughters, and constantly lamenting the unaffordability of it all, she has decided to move to another state. Far away. And she has already BOUGHT a house there. She is scared to go, but confided to me, that once she dared to put actions with her dreams, things started to fall into place. When she told her employer that she was planning to move, her employer said that they would hate to see her go... so... would she consider staying on at her same (NYC) salary as a telecommuter? Wow... What do you think she said???? Yes, of course! She showed me pictures of her new home, and I was over-the-top happy for her and her daughters. Amazing.

So, that inspired me. I dream of better things, too. I have started to imagine the next phase of my life, and asked my kids to do the same. Where do you envision living? What would it look like? What would you typical day be like? If you really allow yourself that, it can actually be freeing.

I am adjusting the course of my business these days. I have found that I have to be very careful about what type of clients I take on, and how I can satisfy their needs and mine in each project. I am also aligning business goals and personal goals, and it really feels "right".

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