Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gratitude and resilience

When I stop and take a moment to pray these days, I can really only think of two thoughts to express. "Thank you" and "Thy will be done". After all, what more is there to say, really? I've been out of the loop for a while, working on a 24h schedule because my mother has been ill most of the summer, and is now recuperating, but needing quite a bit of help in her daily life, so it has been a struggle to stop and get quiet enough to write a post. Today has been surprisingly productive. Now, before I begin a nice pot of yellow split pea soup, I am stopping to post a bit of bloggish comfort.

I just had a big project go south in a miserable way, and it felt awful. But I consistently remind myself that:

Talent is limitless
Energy and time are not
Opportunities to monetize that talent, energy and time is finite

If I am only willing to work on things that are guaranteed a perfect outcome, I am in the wrong business. I have to accept that there are successes and failures.

Resilience is the key.

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