Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wishing I were in England to see this Vionnet Exhibit.


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Hello mimi,

    I am reading your blog on the atonement dress mainly because my daughter is going to her graduation dinner in Australia, and wants me to make her this dress! I am wondering about the book you mention that has patterns in it by Vionnet? Is this book available to purchase somewhere? I understand it won't have the exact pattern in it but an inspirational start.
    Thank you for you help, and your blog, I am not even on facebook or anything so forgive my protocol if any errors.

  2. Hi Abigail,

    Yes, I'm sure you can get the book on Amazon, but it is pretty pricey. It was abou $100 US when I got mine, 10 years ago or so. It was out of print for a while, then reprinted, but I'm pretty sure you can find it on