Monday, April 21, 2008

There is no "C" in Gucci

Yesterday, I set out for my "Mommy's day off" in Manhattan. Walking along Madison Avenue, I gazed into the windows of Herve Leger, Armani, Valentino, Chanel, and "Gu ci"...? What happened there? It seems someone has stolen one of the "C"s from the smaller "Gucci's" on the facade (not the big one, pictured). It seems like there are always people watching in that area. How could that happen?

In this very ritzy section of Madison Avenue, I thought petty vandalism was non-existent. Guess not.

Well, anyway, as I walked along, and looked at the creations in the windows, I saw many things that were beautiful and special... and I saw many things that were not. It really inspired me to sew, since the real skill is in being able to sell all of that merchandise at such outrageous prices. Yes, the fabrics are often superior, and the workmanship superb, but I can turn out some pretty fabulous stuff myself. I felt inspired.

Another thing I noticed were the apparently wealthy people who were strolling along Madison as well. What is going on with these womens' lips these days? The botox and fillers have gotten out of hand. I don't understand it. If God meant for us to look like that, he would have made us ducks, wouldn't He?

So, after a lovely lunch with a friend, more strolling, and an unreasonably long wait for my subway home, I sat down to play the "Beautiful game" on the train. (My own invention) The goal is to examine a stranger without him/her noticing, and to find one beautiful thing about them. Amazingly enough, there is always SOMETHING beautiful. I saw the most gorgeous head of hair, the color of a new penny... I saw these adorable cupid's bow lips on one woman... a very cool textural treatment on a man's jeans... a wildly creative collection of dirt spots on an old bag...

It was a nice break from "Bob The Builder", the laundry, cooking and cleaning, and the endless energy of my kids. Whew. Now we're in overdrive for a week, while my kids experience their New York City vacation. We are pretending to be on vacation where we live this week, so we will go to tourist attractions and events. Should be fun...and tiring.

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