Friday, March 13, 2009

The modern wedding... a seismic shift?

This lovely little vintage 50's number has been drastically altered to fit the "best woman" in anupcoming wedding. Isn't it a BEAUT?!

So...Is it the economy that is driving this movement towards really beautiful, useful, personal clothing?

I am seeing a sweeping change in attitudes from brides lately. The actual wedding, and by that I mean the actual getting married of it all, is taking precedence over the long held "princess for a day" notion. And boy, is it about time, or what?

I am meeting the woman who wants to look beautiful and special in a family heirloom, in a custom dress that suits her figure and the mood of the wedding, and the bride who would feel wildly out-of-place in one of those wildly expensive heavily-corseted or beaded suits of armour that pass for gowns these days. They are understanding that they will be photographed, and want to look like the best version of themselves on their wedding day.

Now, this is a movement I can get behind!

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