Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cro-Shea (Baseball and Knitting - genius!)

"The secret of any undertaking is -- first, complete mastery of details from the very first preliminaries; second, sufficient perseverance to grasp and conquer difficulties through a knowledge of detail, thus bringing harmonious results from puzzling or complicated conditions"

-The Art of Knitting (Butterick Publishing Company, 1892 - companion book to the Art of Crocheting)

This is true for knitting... and baseball... and anything worth pursuing, really. Through perseverance and mastery of fine motor skills, a great knitter develops the beautiful, dancelike rythm of a star pitcher.

I don't know how many people see any connection between needle-arts and baseball, but isn't it just fantastic that some visionary has seen a way to make that family outing at Shea Stadium a happy day for everyone? They are calling it "Cro-Shea"!

Stitch 'n' Pitch, as it is described in the week's New York Magazine, as "an entertaining if odd pairing of interests sponsored by the National Needle Arts Association" This one (coming up -- August 8th) was actually organized to let knitters and crocheters meet up to see the Mets vs. Braves game. So, if your kids and hubby, wife, or other beloved companion(s) love the game, but you'd rather be knitting, now you don't have to choose, and bringing your supplies is actually part of the event. Now, that's marketing genius at work - hooray for whoever thought of that!


  1. :-)

    Marketing genius indeed! It gets those of us who had not been to a baseball game since about 1984 to go to one... (Went to the Pittsburgh version a couple weeks ago.)

  2. OH, for goodness sakes! They can sell tickets to people who aren't even interested in the game. Of course....there are always the hotdogs!

  3. This is actually ok to do now? I've been dragging knitting/stitching/beading everywhere for as long as I can remember! At least now I don't have to hide it!