Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Needle-Craft Magazine, Summer 1922

As I am endlessly fascinated by old sewing publications, which, I suppose are really a link to the world of women in those days. So, I can't help but share these odd finds with you...

I happened upon an article with the above title, and, just as my jaw dropped to the floor, I noticed that it was an early "advertorial" -- a cleverly disguised advertisment, aimed at the naive reader... hoping she'll take the bait!

I'm sure the modern reader will see the humor in it. Only the original text can really do this advertisement justice. Read and enjoy...

The caption can't be missed. Lovers of romance-novels, look out! It reads,

"You've come back to me, Mary," he said slowly. "You've come back - the Mary of the sweetheart days. You've never looked so wonderful as you do tonight."

The rest of the article continues below... (click to enlarge)

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